Euromoney Tradedata

Euromoney Tradedata are the respected leader in reference data solutions for the international futures and options industry. We were commissioned to create a brand identity for their product services that needed to be flexible enough to be used across various on line marketing platforms.

Accelerate Graphics created a corporate brand identity using colour, forms and images that are symbolic of the financial industry. The visual branding maintained a professional look whilst showcasing the company’s wealth of experience in data services. Once the brand identity was established, we designed an on line brochure including digital adverts to showcase their product services and even created their business stationery to.

We work closely with all of our clients, getting to understand their business, building relationships that last, delivering professional design at affordable prices with a personal touch.

Client: Euromoney Tradedata
Project: Corporate Branding
Services: Graphic Design, Branding & Digital Media
Company Branding