Salus Magazine Editorial

Accelerate Graphics is a creative agency specialising in branding, advertising and graphic design. We have helped companies achieve success through intelligent, innovative branding, advertising and design. Through market research, campaign strategy planning, copy writing and graphic design work, we create effective marketing to drive your business forward.

Accelerate Graphics developed a campaign identity which was applied to all printed and digital media, as well as a website design and advertising inside the bed and home style national trade press.

Working closely with key staff at Warrington Wolves a professional rugby league club, Eddie Hall the 2017 World’s Strongest Man and Breasley Consumer we advised our corporate client to create a editorial showcasing their latest mattress products and highlight their working relationship with top level athletes.

Together, we get people talking about your brand!

Client: Salus Beds
Project: Advertising Editorial
Service: Photography, Graphic Design & Marketing. Copy writing.
Salus Magazine Editorial Design